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12 Best Car Seat Travel Bags to Buy Today

Most airport security checkpoints won’t let you carry a car seat because it’s too big. So, you’ll have to gate-check it. And while gate checking itself isn’t dangerous per se, it does leave your car seat open to all kinds of abuse during transit, including getting tossed around and getting dirty. 

Instead of letting your car seat go unprotected, consider investing in a car seat travel bag. Not only will it protect your expensive investment from dirt, knocks, and germs between flights, but many also come with shoulder straps so you can carry them easily through airports and hotels. 

In this piece, we are going to dive into the details and lay out our top picks for the best car seat bags to help keep your child’s car seat safe and clean during travel.

Best Car Seat Travel Bags

The good news is that car seat travel bags are pretty easy to find online, especially on sites like Amazon. You can choose and shop from a variety of different car seat travel bags on Amazon and the ones we picked out are all highly rated by parents.

Here are some of the best car seat travel bags available on Amazon, along with our top 4 choices-and a bunch of them will give you quite a lot of bang for your buck!

Read on for more info about the best car seat travel bags!

1. Yorepek Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

Yorepek Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

Yorepek travel car seat bags are ideal for carrying and protecting your car seat during air travel, train & bus trips. This padded car seat travel bag provides maximum protection for your car seat when you check it in at the airport or when you want to store the car seat in your vehicle trunk.

Key Features

  • Yorepek padded car seat travel bags are made of high-quality fabrics that give them long-lasting endurance, water resistance, and scratch protection. 
  • This car seat backpack has a dual lockable zipper and protective feet to ensure your kid’s car seat safety. 
  • Yorepek car seat travel bags include a name tag pocket for easy identification in case the car seat bag is lost. 
  • The bags also have adjustable shoulder and waist padded straps which make them easy to lift.


  • Provide ample storage space for better accommodation.
  • Contains a heavy-duty and rugged zip lock to protect the inside items.
  • Has the inner fixing straps and padded wings to hold the car seat travel bag safely.
  • Carries some extra stretchy pockets to place the items like diapers, napkins, toys, bottles, etc.


  • Uplifting the bag is a bit challenging because of the extra padding that makes it hefty. 
  • Has low-quality, unendurable shoulder straps that may snap anytime.

2. J.L. Childress Backpack Premium Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

J.L. Childress Backpack Premium Padded Car Seat Travel Bag

This premium padded car seat travel bag by J.L. Childress is spacious enough to transport all makes and models of car seats. With padded backpack straps and an ergonomic design, you can comfortably carry your car seat hands-free during airport check-in or while loading your vehicle for vacation!

Key Features

  • All the J.L. Childress Backpack travel bag sides are padded with deep and smooth padding, guaranteeing its strength and sturdiness.
  • This car seat bag also possesses two-way zippers for lockings and protection.
  • It has extended and adjustable backpack straps that help position the car seat higher on your back.
  • This car seat travel bag has a vivid and locatable ID pocket that secures its belonging to the owner.


  • High water resistance quality prevents moisture from affecting the baby car seats.
  • Keeps away the germs and other microbes, making the car seats sterilized.
  • Extra pockets allow families to accommodate child-related things like toys, diapers, edible items, etc. 
  • Incredibly comfortable and convenient to wrap even the large car seats.


  • Additional padding makes it bulky and difficult to carry.
  • Extra-large sizes are challenging for the owners to handle.
  • Poor quality thin straps may break anytime.

3. Gorilla Grip Gate Check Bag

Gorilla Grip Gate Check Bag

The Gorilla grip gate check bag is essential for families with children traveling with car seats or high chairs. This car seat bag is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and was developed to transport your car seat or high chair through the airport security screening area without exposing it to germs and dirt.

Key Features

  • Gorilla grip gate check bag is genuinely lightweight yet durable and robust.
  • This car seat travel bag has a water resistance trait that protects the inside materials from moisture and rainwater.
  • It contains the ID badge and label that helps the possessor spot it effortlessly at the airport gate checking.
  • Its protective feet prevent severe damage to the car seat.
  • The bag also folds down to a small size that is easy to store in your bag or stroller basket.
  • Bargain.


  • Exceptionally comfortable and cozy to carry onto the shoulders.
  • Budget-friendly and have scratch-proof qualities.
  • The compact design fits easily into luggage or diaper bags.
  • Easily washable and prevents dirt from entering the inside.


  • Low-quality prop-up stitching that might open up anytime.
  • Oversized and weighty. 

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4. V VOLKGO Car Seat Travel Bag

V VOLKGO Car Seat Travel Bag

The VolkGo car seat travel bag is a lightweight, compact bag that makes traveling with a car seat easy and convenient. It’s made from durable fabric and features adjustable straps for a snug fit. It can be used with any standard infant, convertible, or booster car seat, helping you save money in the long run.

Key Features

  • V VOLKGO car seat travel bags have a supreme quality aesthetic design and engaging color combinations.
  • Its waterproof design protects your car seat from damage caused by dirt, grease, and liquids (water, juice, beer) during travel.
  • The bags are functionally adequate and hassle-free to carry most car seats while traveling.
  • This car seat travel bag also contains extra padding to avoid body exposure to the rough and rugged car seats inside the bag while moving.


  • Double layered manufacturing protects the baby car seats from uncertain damage and dirt particles.
  • The futuristic and latest technology is used in its manufacturing.
  • Fiber quality is fantastic and budget-friendly.
  • Inner fixing straps hold the car seats firmly.
  • Mega bargain.


  • Shoulder straps are not well built and may break easily.
  • Low-quality zippers that do not last long.

5. Reperkid Car Seat Travel Bag

Reperkid Car Seat Travel Bag

You can protect your car seat from dust and damage with the Reperkid car seat travel bag. Made with heavy-duty, 600D water-resistant nylon, which is 100% tear-resistant and lightweight, this bag will keep your car seat snug and safe for all your travels with kids!

Key Features

  • The Reperkid car seat travel bag is lightweight and convenient to uplift.
  • Its folds can be turned into a compact zippered pouch for convenient transportation.
  • The bag features a convenient shoulder strap, which is highly adjustable and won’t strain your back.
  • In addition, it’s also pretty big (measuring 18″ x 18″ x 34″), so most car seats fit in it!
  • This car travel seat bag also includes a luggage tag and dual zipper locks for safety.
  • Bargain.


  • Inexpensive and economical.
  • Durable and long-standing thick padded material used in its making.
  • Easy to carry and washable.
  • State-of-the-art stitching and manufacturing.


  • Oversized and heavy.
  • Cheap quality strap buckles.

6. J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats

Made of a durable yet lightweight, water-resistant material, this car sear travel bag will protect your car seat from dirt, germs, and spills while you’re waiting at the airport. The bright red color makes it easy to identify as your own. The large stroller graphic helps ensure that you’ll get your car seat back when you arrive.

Key Features

  • J.L. Childress’s gate check bag for car seats is heavy-duty and does not wear off quickly.
  • It is lightweight and made of water-resistant and scratch-protected material.
  • This car seat bag has a double-layered built-in interior for extra protection.
  • You can fold up this car seat travel bag when not in use and keep it in the stroller basket or any shopping bag.
  • It also contains an identity tag for recognition at the airport gate check.
  • This car seat bag is also airline certified.


  • Properly covers the whole car seat.
  • Consists of an adjustable lock and drawstring to protect your kid’s precious car seat from dirt and germs.
  • Can be used as a storage bag.
  • Webbing strap for easy uplifting.
  • Bargain.


  • The absence of backpack straps makes it tough to carry in hand.

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7. Chicco Car Seat Travel Bag

Chicco Car Seat Travel Bag

Chicco’s car seat travel bag is designed to make traveling with your child’s car seat more manageable. The spinner wheels, backpack straps, and durable fabric make this car seat travel bag perfect for air travel, family road trips, or any time that you need to do a little traveling with your baby.

Key Features

  • Chicco car seat travel bag has four spinner wheels that assist in moving it in every direction with one hand minor support.
  • It contains padded handles for smooth lifting and moving.
  • This car seat travel bag also features adjustable backpack straps that assist in lifting and carrying on shoulders.


  • Dual zippers and the damp-proof plastic base protect the car seat.
  • Built-in storage pouches to hold and secure the backpack straps when not in use.
  • Water-resistant and scratch-proof fabric materials are used in bag making.
  • Vast space accommodation for placing and removing the car seat effortlessly. 


  • Extra-large in size occupies extra space.
  • Adjustable zippers have a rough and irregular appearance that may damage the fabric.
  • Low-quality stitching.

8. Car Seat Travel Belt

Car Seat Travel Belt

This car seat travel belt is a unique device that will change how you travel with your children. You can easily turn your car seat into a stroller and your carry-on luggage into a carrier. The belt is compatible with most airline seats and car seats.

Key Features

  • It is lightweight, compact, and attaches in seconds!
  • The car seat travel belt works with most major brands of infant car seats.
  • The strap is adjustable so that it can fit small and large suitcases.
  • Mega bargain!


  • Converts your car seat into an airport stroller.
  • Quick-release buckle.
  • Ideal for parents traveling solo with a young child.


  • Not suitable for a big car seat. 
  • Might feel hard to tighten once the strap is fastened.

9. ProFaster Car Seat Travel Bag

ProFaster Car Seat Travel Bag

This car seat travel bag is made from strong and durable nylon and is lightweight enough to keep you comfortable. It features padded straps for ease of carrying. Also, it’s compatible with almost all major brands of car seats and folds down, so it fits under the airline seats.

Key Features

  • Highly durable and hard-wearing oxford polyester material is used in its making.
  • It possesses a considerable space for a convenient accommodation of massive car seats.
  • The ProFaster car seat bags are exceptionally lightweight and feathery.
  • The bag has drawstrings and sturdy buckle flaps that keep the bag interior clean and safe.
  • It also possesses a luggage tab and a built-in pouch to wrap the bag when free.


  • Top-notch material quality for long-term use.
  • Extremely lightweight and scratch-resistant with a fully refunded 1-year guarantee.
  • Economical and durable.
  • Adjustable and cozy buckles to firmly hold the car seat.
  • Bargain.


  • Difficult to carry due to colossal size.
  • Customers complain about poor water resistance sometimes.

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10. J.L. Childress Spinner Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag

J.L. Childress Spinner Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag

This Spinner Wheelie Deluxe car seat bag by J.L. Childress is a specially designed bag with wheels. The bag enables you to move your car seat effortlessly from one place to another. The bag is water-repellent and durable, protecting your valuable car seat from damage.

Key Features

  • It has fully padded 360-degree spinner wheels that provide multidirectional turns without tilting.
  • J.L. Childress’s seat travel bag is washable and easy to clean.
  • This car seat travel features top-quality lockable dual zippers.
  • Its uniquely designed front opening makes room for vast space and easy car seat loading.


  • A fully padded car seat bag protects your child’s car seat from damage, dirt, and moisture.
  • Has a top carry handle for a smooth moving grip.
  • Best quality wheels do not wear out quickly.
  • Heavy-duty travel certified built-in fabric material.


  • The low-quality backpack makes it challenging to uplift while loading on the vehicle or an elevated place.
  • Zippers are not sturdy and may rip from the fabric if placed heavy stuff inside.

11. Slynnar Car Seat Travel Bag

Slynnar Car Seat Travel Bag

For parents on the go, Slynnar’s airplane gate check bag is a convenient way to keep your infant or toddler’s car seat safe and secure while you travel. The bag is roomy enough to hold many major brands of infant or toddler car seats. Also, it’s easy to fold and transport thanks to an attached spandex pouch.

Key Features

  • Slynnar car seat travel bag has two side straps that keep your hands free.
  • The bag is highly durable and sturdy, providing absolute protection to the car seat.
  • Its graceful shining red color and clear “S” logo on its front enable the owner to identify it rapidly.
  • It is lighter in weight and also has water resistance qualities.
  • It has futuristic built-in designs with graceful color variation.


  • Drawstrings with a moveable locking system inhibit any damage to the car seats.
  • Foldable and can be placed in the attached pocket.
  • Adequate space housing with extra pockets to put the kiddie objects.
  • Highly waterproof and protects the car seat from dampness.
  • Bargain.


  • The shoulder straps are missing.
  • Handle straps may come off easily from the stitching point.

12. Birdee Car Seat Travel Bag

Birdee Car Seat Travel Bag

The Birdee waterproof car seat travel bag helps make carrying your car seat more convenient. It is made of durable, tear-resistant materials and has a rubberized handle for easy lifting and carrying. With an extra-secure closure and an identification card that fits in a pouch on the side of the bag, this car seat travel bag is both safe and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Birdee car seat travel bag features a double-closure drawstring-and-buckle system for extra protection.
  • This car seat bag is exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant.
  • It is made out of 1680D ballistic nylon.
  • Birdee car seat travel bag is also waterproof.


  • Compatible size with vast space accommodation.
  • The drawstring and buckle flap keep dirt, germs, and other contaminants out of your car seat.
  • The company provides a full one-year warranty on their car seat bags.
  • The rubber handle offers a solid grip to carry the car seat bag.
  • Bargain.


  • Low-quality unendurable buckles.
  • Customers also complain about the poor seaming that rips easily.

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