July 24, 2024


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A Tourist’s Guide To New Year’s Eve In Sydney

A Tourist’s Guide To New Year’s Eve In Sydney

Are you planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney for the first time? Well, just like you, over 80,000 admirers around the world plan to fly in to Sydney! With such spirited crowd expected, you can imagine how eventful your visit is going to be. Everyone will want to enjoy a unique New Year’s Eve dinner in Sydney, be it on Sydney Harbour NYE Cruises or in popular hotels and restaurants. Here are some tips to stay one step ahead of the throng.

Plan WELL ahead

Everything is usually SOLD OUT in Sydney for the New Year. So don’t wait for the year-end to come, book your accommodation and flights by the beginning of the year. If you wish to be a part of any ticketed event, make sure that you book that too. Reserve your rooms for the entire stay as they become unimaginably expensive closer to the festive season.

Check out the neighbouring suburbs

If the city is too pricey for you or your preferred hotels are already full up, check out the options in the suburbs. Rooms are comparatively cheaper here and you can also escape the ‘2-3 minimum night stay condition’ that most of the establishments in the city have.

Choose your vantage point

Pick the spot from where you are going to watch the most popular NYE event – spectacular Midnight Fireworks – and plan around that. Sydney has a great selection of vantage points, for both families and groups. Look over for a location with easy access from and to your accommodation to minimise the hassle of transportation. Check the restrictions online before you decide. If your selected vantage point has ticketed entry, get the tickets ASAP! If you are ready to splurge a little, book a new year’s eve dinner cruise on sydney harbour to enjoy the ultimate NYE party celebration – an experience with minimal guests and unrestricted views of the harbour events!

Make use of Social Media

If you are an active social media user, use your connections to find a friend who can rent you a room for a significantly cheaper price. You can also try local online boards, forums and communities for the same. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to find a friend who might lodge you for free!

Be well equipped for evening

When in Sydney and getting ready for the night, make sure you pack all the things you need. If you are planning to celebrate in tune with the ‘Aussie-way’ of camping out, take your camping gear and food for the day. Take all the sun-protection you need as you know that Australia celebrates New Year in summer!

PS: Make sure your phone is fully charged. (You will know why as you read on)

Get moving early

If you are planning to spend the eve in one of the free spots, you should get going in the morning. Most of the vantage points will have a lengthy queue by noon. Public transport will be your best travelling option. More than a thousand extra services will run for New Year celebrations. But most of the timings will be changed, so make sure you keep track of the schedule. Anyway, it is better to have a backup plan as most venues will close when they reach their restricted capacity.

Don’t panic seeing the crowd

Around 1.6 million people flock to the harbourside on New Year’s Eve and its normal to panic seeing the rush. Look for our spectator-service volunteers to help you with information about toilets, transport, food and drink options, alcohol restrictions and accessible services. If you are in groups, make sure you chalk out your plans and meeting place in case your mates get separated. Don’t worry about taking your kids out, Sydney New Year’s Eve is a well-organised, safe and friendly event!

It’s not just about the Midnight Fireworks!

The celebration is not just about when the clock strikes twelve and the fireworks set the midnight sky ablaze. Starting at 6pm with the aerial display and fire-tug water display, Sydney will keep you entertained every second from sunset to the final countdown. Following is the welcome ceremony, the 9pm family fireworks display and the multiple flame and light shows. Most of the vantage points also host many events to entertain you. With a plethora of fun events, the evening will surely be unforgettable!

Take out your mobile phones

Remember we asked you to charge your mobile phones? Well it’s for you to tune into the various radio stations that plays synchronised soundtracks for the 9pm and Midnight Fireworks. Also, join the online conversations and post your favourite pictures and videos with trending hashtags on the year’s biggest celebration!