May 26, 2024


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Balloonists travel from across the Midwest for the Taste N Glow Balloon Fest

STETTIN, Wis. (WSAW) – The balloons are again for the Flavor N Glow Balloon Fest 2022.

The festival will have in excess of 30 meals sellers and tons of family helpful situations to check out, but the primary event is the over 40 very hot air balloons that will be flying significant. The Flavor and Glow Balloon Pageant began coloring the sky very last year. The party took more than of the Balloon and Rib Fest which begun in 2002.

“There’s likely to be food items sellers and all kinds of factors for persons to do,” said Jim Phelan, a balloonist.

Balloonist from across the Midwest are coming to Wausau to take part in the function.

“The balloons are likely to be standing up doing a glow each of the evenings,” reported Phelan.

Jim Phelan is a balloonist who traveled from Illinois to Wausau for the competition. The name of his very hot air balloon is “The Minor Just one.”

“This year we resolved we desired to appear back again just before we obtained also old and fly in this celebration and appear up and see our close friends yet again,” stated Phelan.

Phelan reported the most effective aspect about traveling in Wisconsin is the landing spots.

“The people are pretty quite awesome about allowing us land where ever we are and take off on their residence,” claimed Phelan.

He said corn and soybean plants make it really hard to land in Illinois.

“But right here the grass is just so welcoming,” stated Phelan.

Phelan mentioned incredibly hot air balloon heights rely on how significant you want to fly.

“Throughout the state, we may possibly fly 3 to 500 toes. Populated parts we’re going to be 1,000 ft off the ground,” reported Phelan.

He explained to be a balloonist, you have to have some people techniques.

“Because we have a crew that we work with all the time and we have to be capable to perform with landowners when we land and folks that we’re getting off from their houses,” mentioned Phelan.

Phelan said he enjoys sharing his incredibly hot air balloon understanding with individuals at the festival.

“They can come and see the balloons and they appear and see the pilots. We like to discuss to folks, and converse to the kids, and explain to them what we do,” mentioned Phelan.

The Taste and Glow Balloons Fest begins tomorrow at 11 a.m. The price tag to get into the event is $1 or a food pantry item. For far more details about the function simply click below.

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