May 26, 2024


Travel Anywhere

Have Fun Travelling


Very early in life we begin travelling. First we travel from our mother’s womb into the wide wonderful world we now inhabit. Next we travel home from the hospital, if we were born in a hospital. We travel a lot during the years we live at home. We go to school. We go with our parents on vacations. We go to camps. We find all sorts of places to go and explore.

When we leave home and begin making a life for ourselves there will be as much or as little travel as required. You may travel only to and from work except for vacation time. Or you may find ways to spend every available moment travelling somewhere or other. It really depends on how much you are curious about the rest of the world and what people are doing there.

Modes of Travel

Most of us have a car and use it a lot. In addition to the travel that is necessary it can be great fun to get in the car and go exploring.

I remember how excited I was when I got my first driver’s license and how put out I was that my dad wouldn’t often let me have the family car. We only had one car and I found it difficult to accept that dad and mother could possibly need it when it was so important for me to have it to explore hither and yon.

I am very lucky in that professionally I travel all over the world. It is a real passion of mine. I love exploring the world. Wherever I am required to go for work I always try to hire a car and explore as much of the country and its surrounds as time allows. For me driving and being in control of where and when to go is the best. I personally don’t like tours or being with groups of people other than those of my choosing.

So for me automobile travel is great and certainly one of my very favorite ways of seeing the world and at times frightening the natives.

Air Travel

Obviously I have to spend a lot of my travelling in airports and airplanes. When I became a musician I knew that I would be doing a lot of travelling. I had colleagues who complained constantly about airports, security, customs, airplanes and on and on. I decided early on that since it was going to be a part of my life it was silly not to enjoy it.

I have found ways to get a kick out of airports. For instance, there is always a bookshop and that will keep me amused for a lengthy period. Also there are heaps of people who are fun to watch and try to figure out where they are going and why. Then there are members of the staff who are usually very friendly and can be of great help.

I love the airplane. There are endless things you can do these days during the flight. Even customs can be interesting if you will just observe people and try to figure out who is trying to smuggle something in or out.


Travel can be one of the best parts of life. If you are willing to make every bit of it fun and interesting I promise you will have a life filled with fun and joy.