July 25, 2024


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HORSE RACING: How To Use Trip Handicapping

HORSE RACING: How To Use Trip Handicapping

How to use trip handicapping means you have to do some serious dealings. Whoever said horse racing was easy? With trip handicapping you have to know where to get the information required to do it. And WHY a race turned out the way it did. All the information you can get your hands on and then the most sensible way to interpret it as correctly as possible. Incorrect interpretation will make you lose your hard-earned money. Some of the things trip handicapping’s made of which lets the player know why the race turned out the way it did is listed below.

Such elements which makes up trip handicapping in racing are: pace, speed, class of horse, track surface (dirt, turf, synthetic, etc.), track condition (sloppy, mud, dry, etc.), horses bumping into other horses, having to go around other horses, things such as dust, mud, dirt, slop, other horse’s tails in its face and eyes, losing a firm ground or track grip while running, having to make up several dozen feet, velocity, momentum, energy of horse, weight carried, jockey’s ability and the way he or she rides the horse, weather (hot, cold, humid, etc.), distance (route or sprint), equipment, medication taken, age, gender, form of horse in that race, run styles, racing experience level, etc. This is how to use trip handicapping to some degree.

Along with this is: race structure (found at the top of the morning line and DRF). This is about specifically what horses it’s going to run against and their qualities, pedigree and bloodline, turns and turn time, trouble at the gate (unruly behavior, etc.), what number did horse come out of the gate among other horses, physical and mental state of the horse today at 15-20 minutes before race, specialist on turf or mud or dirt or sand or synthetic, workouts, stamina, illegal activity and corruption in the background (illegal medication or jockey and/or trainer throwing the race), shippers from another country or state.

Along with those are: what lane on the track is horse on, speeding up and slowing down multiple times in the race, almost falling, already tired before the race or at the gate or at the first or second ‘call’ positions, field sizes, etc. Every little thing that is capable of being handicapped makes up a horse’s trip. So the player needs lots of information to make a well-shaped and cogent judgment.

To do trip look for information from:
(1) videos of the particular race(s) in question.
(2)use comments from any and every where about the race(s) in question.
Also: (3) talk to your associates and other parties in the game who can give firm views on that particular race(s) or horse(s).
(4) listen to commentators online or TV, etc. Keep in mind that racing is made of two major divisions: profitcapping and handicapping. This is partially how to use trip handicapping.