June 15, 2024


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How to Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

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Buying cheap flight ticket is a complicated issue these days.There are numerous weportals as well as agencies selling flight tickets in additon to airline companies.

However most passengers still having inaccurate services or service interruptions due to webportals errors or so.Sometimes the airline informations coming up improperly or date and time changes on flights are being subject to expensive charges.

For example new york jfk airport has thousands of light per month and hosts about 20 million passenger every year.Almost all major ariline companies has either direct or conneected flight to that destination.Yet buying the ticket at a good price might always possible or to buy the best seat such as business class.

Did you know each flight has variety of flight ticket type at the same plane in addition to economy class and business class.Those tickets types varies basd on demand,date etc…

And also the date you make the purchase in another effect on the prices.Sometimes last minute tickets can be so cheaper or reverse.Demand is always givin the way.

This market is not so different than NASDAQ

There are 400 airline companies in the world.Boeing aircraft is the most used one and also the most favorite.

%50 of those airline companies are the public companies while the other half is privately owned.

Atlanta hearstfield airport,JFK,LAX,China Beijing airport,Houston,Frankfurt,London are the biggest airports with highest passenger numbers

It takes avergae of 7 hours minimum to fly anywhere from europe to the USA continent and 16 hours or so to fly to Australia.All routes almost all routes has direct flight possibilities by he favor of big boeing aircraft with long range capabilities and others came after.

Today theres a new project in progress which will bring a passenger plane to the market that is faster than sound.NASA is still working on it and possbily will be in the market as of 2020.

Also the carrier flights are very developed by UPS and FEDEX.Especially from Atltanta Hearstfield most of the sevices are from UPS AND FEDEX as they have the depots at this territory.

Asia dominates the air market with Beijing international airport which is gentely designed due to its huge view.But still when you compare the planes and airports seems like the USA still leading compare too europe and asia