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Intelligent Answers to Weakness Interview Questions

Intelligent answers to weakness interview questions

You are competent, you always complete your assignments, but you feel confused in dealing with the question “What is your greatest weakness?” asked by the employer.

Some people are cautious. They do not haste to give their answer but think for a moment and it is not difficult for the interviewer to notice that you are not sure about your answer. That’s a little bit of disadvantage to you.

Some people are hasty. They do not think but make the answers immediately “I have no weakness” and try to prove that argument by terms of confidence in their competency. But the employer will surely know that you are lying, for a simple reason, no one is perfect, more or less, and everyone has their own weak points. Not mentioning the interviewer will assess your sincerity from your answer. Whatever, that’s not an impressive way to answer this question.

So, how do you answer this such as difficult but common question? Following will be some tips helping you selecting your appropriate answers.

1. Talking too much:

Don’t be afraid that your interviewer may assess you are a talkative person that are usually wasting time chatting with colleagues at work. The problem is that how you demonstrate your weakness so that the employer may consider your “talkative” will be made use of when you are assigned to a position.

You may send a long but effective mail replying to a partner. You may talk for hours with customers but are persuasive to get the customers, it’s naturally but also necessary to provide the customer with adequate information as well. Though you may be a little talkative, that’s still acceptable in business. Certainly, talkative people will be more suitable to jobs such as sales, marketing or public relation rather than technical jobs.

2. Being a perfectionist:

In mentioning this, demonstrate that you a person always expecting high performance from surrounding people as well as from yourself, that you are always looking for an overall perfection but not individual perfection for yourself. You need to demonstrate that you know everyone has their own skills and strong points, and that you would like everyone to highly focus on the job and give the maximum performance.

3. Being over-attentive:

This weakness will sometimes upset your colleagues as you interrupt them even during their busiest time. In addition, you may make comments or complaints about the smallest details that your colleagues do not perform “perfectly”. This trait may upset others but in compensation, it helps the work to be better accomplished and themselves to become more responsible people. When you choose this weakness, you should demonstrate that you focus on the detail at work but in normal life.

The importance when dealing with this question is that you are confident and try to make impression about your professional so that you will be viewed better than other candidates.

4. Being Supervisory-addicted

You are supervisory-addicted, like to command others though you are not the manager, and this often upsets your colleagues, too. Try to demonstrate this weakness in a humorous way in which you show your wish for improvement as well as your desire in the future job. Moreover, try to make the employer understand that the fact that you like commanding doesn’t mean that you turn yourself into a power-addicted person and that you like to impose your opinion and feeling on others.

5. Being a workaholic:

If you give this answer, be careful or the employer expect too much from you as he/she may assign to you too much work while you still do not get the hold of the job. You shouldn’t say that you spend much time at workplace to work; instead, you should say that you often think about the job even during your leisure weekends. Your mind often resolves around the job, around new strategies, etc.

Even when residing aside your family, you sometimes spend time go to internet, check mail to see if there is anything new. The purpose of this answer is to show that you are a responsible and serious person but not that you appear frequently at the workplace.

“What is your greatest weakness?” that is a common question in any interview. In general, with this question, you should state a weakness that relates to the job. Certainly, you must be sincere as it will be shown during the answer. For example, during the interview, you state your weakness to be talking too much, but you hardly say anything in the interview when the interviewer asks or you are rather quiet and rarely getting on well with others when you are employed. They will affect your image. The important thing when you are facing with this question is that you are confident and try to make impression about your professional so that you will be assessed better than other candidates. With that, surely success will be in your hand.