February 23, 2024


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KWK 7: Sara and Janhvi reveal their near-death travel misadventures

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Today’s (July 14) episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 will feature Bollywood’s besties Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor. They will grace the couch with stories about their style, wits and misadventures. As host, Karan Johar asks them about life, work and love, stories of their travel and adventures, Janhvi and Sara revealed that their trip in Kedarnath hit a roadblock as they faced two near-death experiences.

When Janhvi chose a hike at Bhairavnath over walking a normal path, the duo were faced with an unexpected twist in their adventure. Sara said, “We decided to go to Bhairavnath and there was a normal path for walking. But we thought ourselves to be better. We chose to hike instead. There was an 85 incline of just rocks and Janhvi is like let us just climb this.” Though skeptical of climbing the incline, Sara admitted that she was afraid of being called a buzzkill. However, the adventure turned sour as their climb became very scary. Admitting about fear kicking in, Sara mentioned how at one point, she was sure they would fall off owing to shaky rocks.

Both found solace when they saw a fan coming towards them as they hung off the cliff. But he was of no help, as he only wanted to take a selfie with them. Eventually, Sara’s driver found them after almost 30 minutes of being stuck, and they were rescued with the help of special forces.

The weather was also not in favour. They were in a low-cost no-heater hotel which was a choice of Sara as she wanted to save Rs 6000. Janhvi shared how this choice nearly froze them. She said, “I had traveled to Kedarnath with two thermals, one puffer jacket, three shawls, two track pants, and two sweaters. Karan, I wore every single piece of clothing I had owned and was still shivering.” The Roohi actress added that by the time Sara returned to their room after meeting her friends, her lips had turned blue and she was shivering. She even added that apart from the absence of a heater in the freezing -7℃ weather, the bathroom in the hotel was also doubtful, “If I had sat on that pot, it would have shattered,” said Janhvi.

Koffee with Karan Season 7 airs on Disney+ Hotstar every Thursday at 7 PM.

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