April 24, 2024


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Online Recruitment – Easy Way To Search Jobs

With the advent of internet, all the stress and strain of finding a good job is a thing of the past. Now at the touch of a mouse, you have access to all the recruitment agencies services. Sitting at home you can browse through their websites to zero in on the companies with whom you would like to work, you can apply online to that company and hey presto! You are on your way to land a good job.

Online recruitment is a part and parcel of the corporate world that is aspiring to the paperless state. Gone are the days of sorting endless paper applications for different jobs, scrutinizing resumes and the endless cycles of shortlisting and shortlisting multitudes of aspirants for a handful jobs. According to recent surveys, this method of hiring people is popular with more than 50% of employers. This method of online recruitment saves valuable manpower, time and productivity for the employers, resulting in cost cutting, thereby leading to increasing profits.

Online recruitment services cater to the novice in computer worlds as well as to the veterans. Their services are extremely user friendly and even the novice is led step by step through the process of registration for online recruitment. When you become a member, you will get an user id and a password to enable you to login regularly onto the site. You will be required to fill in a curriculum vitae popularly known as CV on the website which the prospective employers will access. A CV lists out all the details about you that the employers will want to know. These include:
Your name and address, your driving license as well as telephone contact numbers on which you can be contacted;
Your qualifications, academic as well as commercial and any specialisation you might have done date-wise and the grades you have achieved;
Your employment details, past and present, listing out your key function areas meaning the duties you are entrusted with;
Your experience details which will include names of your previous employers, your job functions and reasons why you have left the job. A prospective employer attaches great importance to this part.

You will be required to provide your resume in addition to filling out their form for online recruitment. If you do not know how to put together a resume, help is offered to chalk out a professional and impressive resume. The CV that you have made out is then included in their database which forms a factor of their extensive network.

The prospective employers also are required to register their details online in a similar way. Just as you input your personal information, the company will enter all information about itself. The only difference being the posting of their vacancies onto the database. If they are seeking a qualified person, that requirement is posted onto the database and all applicants matching those qualifications will be sorted out and retrieved for that particular vacancy. The employer can then narrow down their search by eliminating certain criteria.

The prospective employee also follows basically the same procedure. He will put in the criteria of job he is looking for and the database will sort out all the vacancies applicable to the criteria and retrieve them for the applicant. Thus, online recruitment proves a very valuable and efficient service which helps both the employer and the employee.