July 24, 2024


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Perks Of Becoming A Limo Driver

Perks Of Becoming A Limo Driver

Limousines are large luxurious sedans which usually have a glass partition which separates the driver’s seat from the passenger compartment. They usually conjure up a symbol of wealth and prestige. Limousines are driven by chauffeur drivers. Limo drivers are considered to have upscale chauffeur jobs as opposed to taxi drivers. They often drive wealthy business owners, dignitaries, executives, celebrities, etc. to meetings or other events. This enables them to meet many people they might not ordinarily meet. Consequently, there is an image of glamor associated with limo drivers.

Limo drivers can choose to work fulltime or part-time. Salaries are generally considered to be good. Tips are also reported to be very generous. Drivers who have transported celebrities to various events have often been amazed at the superb tips they received. One driver stated that he transported a prominent visiting pastor from an event held at a local church to the airport and received a tip almost equal to the fare. While tips this generous may be the exception, tips can still be very good.

Don’t become a limo driver with the intent of meeting celebrities or other famous people. It is possible you may never meet any of these people. Regular users of limousines include ordinary people going to special events. This can include weddings, funerals, proms, parties, bar mitzvahs, sporting events or nights out on the town. These clients may actually be your bread and butter clients.

As with any chauffeur job you must have patience. Just because you are driving a limousine which may appear to be a more glamorous job than other chauffeur jobs does not mean that you will not have problem passengers. You can almost surely count on having unruly passengers from time to time. This can include passengers who drink too much at parties or other events. This can be true whether you are driving celebrities, business executives, teenagers or any other group. You will need to know how to deal with these passengers. Teenagers love to hire limousines for proms and other special parties. Many of these groups will be well-behaved. Other times you may have an unruly bunch which will require you to have the patience of a saint as well as the ability to handle the situation.

It is vitally important that you have superb driving skills in order to be a successful limo driver. Defensive driving classes can greatly benefit you. Taking a defensive driving course will teach you safe and accident free driving techniques including ways to drive safely in bad weather conditions and other adverse situations. You will learn how to handle road rage and many other safe driving techniques. A defensive driving class can teach you how to be the best possible driver and equip you with the knowledge you need to be able to drive safely with confidence.

Limo Drivers just like all chauffeur drivers need to have good customer service skills. Make sure you have excellent manners and are familiar with proper etiquette for the job. Always be pleasant, courteous and professional. Your job is to provide your customers with excellent customer service to insure they will have a pleasant experience. Do your job well and you should have a very rewarding career.