May 29, 2024


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Sheetrock and Clogged Drain Problem

If you have a clogged drain due to a piece of sheetrock stuck in it you will have a continuing problem. Over a long period of time it will eventually break down but in the course of time it is accumulating hair and other stuff which will cause the clog in the drain to worsen.

You need to pull the drain apart to get the sheetrock piece out, or at least break it up into smaller pieces if it cant be reached with a wire coat hanger.

First of all, put a bucket underneath the drain to catch any excess water while taking the drain apart.

Second, take a pair of channel lock pliers and loosen the drain pipe nuts where the u curve is on the drain pipe. There are 2 drain pipe nuts, one on each side of the u.

After taking the u shaped pipe off, look if you can see the piece of sheetrock on either side of the drain pipe.

If you can see it, try to get it with a pair of needle nose pliers or other tool that can grab it to lessen the chance of it being jammed further into the pipe.

If you cant see it, use a wire coat hanger and feel for its position. If you can feel it with the coat hanger try to fish it out. If not, try breaking it up with the coat hanger being careful not to jam it further into the pipe.

After your efforts, if you are unsuccessful at removing the piece of sheetrock or breaking it up enough to flush it out, you may need to rent a drain snake.

After your efforts, if you are successful in removing the piece of sheetrock or breaking it up enough to flush it out, put your drain back together and run water through the drain for about one minute.

Nevertheless, the best thing to do is use the following Tips and Tricks. Remember, do this at least once a week to all your drains to keep them free of crud and grime.

Tips and Tricks
Sprinkle baking soda in the sink basin and around the sides of the drain opening. Get about one cup of white vinegar and slowly pour it down the drain. Watch it bubble and you’ll have no more trouble. Don’t run the water in the drain for a while so as to let the chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar do its job at full strength. This will clear your drain of any left over debris and scum and save a lot of money on plumbing costs.