May 23, 2024


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Top Five Things to Consider Before Going on a Cruise

If your dream vacation is coming to reality soon, chances are you are feeling excited and ready to go, especially if you are going on a cruise. While you might be unable to contain your excitement, it is still important to consider and take care of essential things before going on your planned cruise.

Remember that planning a cruise is not an easy task. Some of the initial things you should consider are your destination, the date of your trip, and which cruise line will fit your needs and those of the people traveling with you. Cruises today offer several options; thus, you have several things to consider to ensure your trip will be comfortable and safe.

Considering and applying these key things when planning your cruise will make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

Go online to check in before the cruise

Online check-in is advisable because you can avoid the long line and fill out several documents. Most cruise lines offer this service so that you can do advanced check-in. You can board the ship faster because you completed the paperwork in advance. Some cruise lines accept advanced online check-in 90 days before you sail.

Get travel insurance

Most countries today require visitors to have travel insurance. Insurance coverage for a cruise is vital because many things could go wrong, such as getting sick before the cruise, having a medical emergency while on the cruise, or you miss the cruise ship due to a flight delay. In addition, comprehensive travel insurance can help you recover the expenses incurred during your trip.

Review your identification papers

Before you check in for your cruise, review all your identification papers to ensure that these have not expired, like your passport, driver’s license, DHS trusted traveler card, Global Entry Card, permanent resident card, etc.

One of the most important IDs is your passport, and many countries visited by cruise lines require passports to be valid for six months after visiting the country. Your passport should have at least two blank pages. So, renew your passport if the pages are almost full of stamps.

Make a hard copy of your documents

Although you can store images of your ID cards, passport, and other essential documents on your smartphone, many travel advisors suggest printing out your travel documents, including itineraries and flight and hotel reservations. If your smartphone runs out of battery, you have paper copies to present to authorities. Some countries’ border patrol officers require visitors to present printed copies of their documents. So, ensure that you have printed copies in your bag.

Call your credit card company

Notifying the credit card company that you will be going on a cruise is important to ensure that the credit card company will not suspect your card is used for fraudulent purchases in various countries.

Don’t forget to let your family or trusted friends know you are going on a cruise. Provide them with your general itinerary and give them your emergency contact numbers. Moreover, pack light but bring the essential things you need for the trip.