April 24, 2024


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What to Bring When Traveling With Your Kids

You’re finally off to the big family trip you have been planning for months and though you know you are prepared, what about your children? It’s easier to pack and prepare for yourself and your spouse but can be can be a little difficult when kids are involved, this is just a quick handy checklist to get you started:

1- Make sure you’re aware of your flight schedule!- Know what time you need to check in and more importantly your flight schedule, also know what airline you’ll be taking! you’d be surprised how many times we can forget this step!

2-Pack Smart- Always pack your necessities ahead of time and be aware of what to pack for your children, don’t bring anything you can’t carry or distract you from watching your little ones!

3-Print your boarding passes at home- Total Time saver! If you can’t print them, try to check in online if possible!

4-Educate your kids on security checks- Help your child to understand airport security and teach them what they can bring and what isn’t allowed, that way you can avoid a freakout when an agent wants to wave a metal detector on your child!

5-Rent a Car with a Car Seat- If you will be driving, it’s really important to have a car seat so you and your little one can be safe and comfortable, you can save money as well if you have a good credit card and corporate or online discounts (Deals are everywhere!)

6-Avoid heavy and over packing- I Know I know, it’s so hard NOT to over pack when kids are in tow, but nobody wants to pay extra for heavy bags! Hop on to the airlines website to check on bag restrictions and save yourself a headache

7-Avoid bringing wrapped gifts- Security will give you a hassle if they find wrapped gifts! if you have food or gifts for overseas family, make sure you follow security guidelines and they won’t have to get confiscated (Losing a bottle of wine is no bueno)

8-Baby/Kids Prep- If you’re traveling with a baby make sure you have enough formula food and breastmilk to last the whole flight! You should also make sure that the kids have enough snacks and entertainment to last the whole flight as well

In conclusion, traveling can be crazy but with the right preparation and positive attitude it can be exciting and fun for the whole family, just be patient and loving with your kids, you can thank me later!