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26 Best Carry-On Essentials for Travel

Are you a first-time traveler who’s off to a faraway destination? Or a frequent flyer who hasn’t stepped foot at an airport in so long because of the global pandemic? Then you’re probably looking for tips on surviving a long-haul flight for your upcoming trip.

My advice for you? Pack as if your life depends on it – because it does. The key to surviving a long journey is to bring essential travel stuff with you in the cabin!

After years of traveling around the globe, I have finally found the perfect travel checklist. It was a never-ending process of trial and error. There was even a time when I’d overpack, fearing I’d forget something I’d need later in the travel journey. But I’m glad I didn’t give up because now I can go jaunting from one state to another–worry-free! Huzzah!

When flying, most of us normally need to pack two sets of luggage: check-in luggage and a carry-on bag on every trip. The essential items in your check-in luggage are a topic for another day. In this article, we’ll dwell first on the must-haves that your carry-on bag should contain.

At this point, let’s cut this introduction short and head on to the comprehensive list of the 26 best carry-on essentials for travel!

The Ultimate Carry-On Bag

While most airlines only allow one piece of luggage on board, some would allow you to bring a carry-on bag and even a personal item. In this section, I shall help you select the most suitable carry-on bag.

Picking a traveling bag should not be taken lightly! When looking for a carry-on bag, always consider the durability, size, quality, and capacity. With that said, here are some of our recommendations for the ultimate carry-on bags to pack the items you need for your long haul flight:

1. Backpack

Backpack carry-on essentials for travel

Backpacks are one of the most convenient things to bring with you on travels. They are more durable than purses or totes, spacious, and easy to carry. But be careful not to get just any backpack with you. Always consider your travel needs, your airline’s weight requirements for bags, and the travel bag quality.

My favorite thing to bring on flights is a large-capacity backpack. If you are someone who takes their laptop everywhere, then you will benefit from this. Consider it a bonus if it has lots of pockets, as it can save you money from buying pouches and organizers.

PRO TIP: Steer clear of military-style backpacks or ones with camouflage patterns. Carrying these drastically increase your chances of being “randomly selected” for a search!

2. Duffel Bag

Hand leather bag

If you’re not a fan of backpacks, you should consider another great alternative, a duffel bag or a rugged tote bag. This is great for people with weak backs because you can carry a duffel bag by hand or put it on top of your suitcase.

Additionally, this carry-on bag is great for organizing your travel essentials. Its horizontal space allows you to see your things in one glance, unlike a backpack.

duffel bag with a shoe compartment is always a must-have for travelers. Many will agree that packing shoes can be tedious as it eats up lots of space and leaves no room for other essential things. With their own compartment, this could no longer be a worry for you!

I’ve got a lot of time for duffel bags. If you find the right bag for you, you might even be able to forgo checked luggage if you pack smart!

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3. Tiny Suitcase

Tinny carry on bag

These are your lifesavers if you’re looking for more flexible alternatives for a carry-on – and there are tons of options on the market these days!

Tiny suitcases allow you a quick break from heavy lifting because you can just drag them while walking around. But you can also hand-carry them when you need to! However, if hand-carrying a suitcase seems like a lot of hassle for you, you can always get a backpack strap. This will allow you to carry your tiny suitcase like a backpack.

Consider the size of your suitcase; one that’s too big will be hard to carry, while one that’s too small can’t store all your carry-on essentials.

Also, check to make sure that it will fit in overhead bins. A rough standard size that should satisfy most airlines is 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

Organizers and Pouches

You can’t just shove your carry-on essentials in your bag and hope they organize themselves. believe me, I’ve tried!

For an efficient organization of travel essentials, you need organizers and pouches. Here, I’ll guide you through what pouches you need, how you can use them to organize, and what you can use them for.

4. Travel Wallet

Waterproof travel wallet

One of the best ways to save space in your checked luggage bag when traveling is to be smart with your organizers. Thus, don’t just use a regular wallet. Use a travel wallet with many pockets and spaces to have your essentials ready when needed!

This includes your passport, boarding passes, a pen, cards, keys, and cash. 

There are several options out there, but I recommend choosing a waterproof, RFID-protected travel wallet. RFID blocking ensures that your passport and credit cards are safe from unauthorized scanning. 

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5. Document Organizers

organizer of document

Sometimes, traveling entails securing several documents, which can be overwhelming for most. Thankfully, portable document organizers can aid in your travel needs. 

When I have to bring travel documents on a long flight or a business trip, I like to get a waterproof file organizer with many pockets. These document organizers allow you to label each pocket so you can effortlessly find any business, insurance, or personal document that you need.

No more scrambling through a pile of papers with this multi-pocket envelope!

6. Makeup Bag

Stylish design make up bag

We often hear advice about bringing as little number or makeup products as possible when traveling. But you don’t have to do that if you have a compact, multi-section makeup bag. Look for the shake-proof and spill-proof features to avoid spilling liquid makeup in your bag. 

In choosing a makeup bag, consider as well the number of makeup items you’re looking to bring. Choosing a makeup pouch that’s too big may tempt you into bringing more makeup items than you need. This means more weight for you to carry and more things you might lose!

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7. Travel Jewelry Case

Travel jewelry bag case

Your vacation outfits aren’t complete without some bling! Jewelry can make even the most boring outfit look superb, so this is perfect for travelers who can bring only a limited number of clothing pieces. 

For this, you need a travel-size jewelry case that can store all kinds of jewelry. I recommend getting a compact multiple-layer jewelry case to squeeze into your carry-on luggage.

Additionally, make sure it has earrings and ring holders to help avoid misplacing small pieces of jewelry. Speaking from experience here!

8. Liquid Pouch

Liquid bag for travel

Having liquid essentials can be a bother, especially because they are usually not allowed on flights if the bottles aren’t exactly what the TSA thinks is acceptable.

Thankfully, you can put them in a TSA-approved, clear liquid pouch that will make airport security checks easier and help you save space!

You can use liquid pouches for storing liquid toiletries and skincare products, such as shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and so on. Bump up your organization by using travel-sized containers for liquid products to save space in your liquid pouch.

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If there is one thing that you should put first when traveling, especially for long-haul flights, it’s your comfort. Nothing is worse than sitting on a plane for more than ten hours with no comfort gear. Here, I’ll guide you with the things you need to bring for maximum comfort!

9. Neck Pillow

Sleep travel pack bag

If you’re like me, a lady who likes to take my sweet time sleeping on a flight, then a neck pillow will serve you well.

Invest in an ergonomic neck pillow for sure comfort and to avoid straining your neck. Personally, I use a neck pillow with memory foam, which can mold itself to fit the shape of my body for adequate support.

Aside from comfort, you should also consider portability when choosing a neck pillow. These things can be pretty bulky at times. Make sure to choose a lightweight and compact one to save space in your luggage. 

10. Eye Mask

pack of eyes mask

Up your travel comfort essentials with an eye mask! This is great for travelers who want a relaxed and uninterrupted sleep on a long flight. True, most international and long-haul flights will provide these for flyers, but they’re quite sad compared to what you could be sporting!

An eye mask generally seems simple for many, but did you know that there are things to consider when choosing one?

The perfect travel eye mask is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. You can even buy ones made from cooling fabric!

Choose a sleeping mask with adjustable straps, so you don’t have to worry about it compressing your nose, skin, and eyes. Consider the fabric of the eye mask to make sure it doesn’t make your skin itch.

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11. Comfy Slippers and Pullovers

comfy slippers

Of course, flight sleeping gear is not enough without some comfortable slippers and pullovers to snuggle into. I especially recommend these items if your flight goes on for several hours. Trust me, sitting on the plane for over ten hours in sneakers and a T-shirt will make your trip unbearable.

And don’t you dare go barefoot. Not only is it gross for everyone around you, but planes also are not quite as deep-cleaned as you might think!

For the slippers, pick the most lightweight ones so you can simply squeeze them into your bag after use. Faux fur slippers are great for people who often have cold feet. Meanwhile, a hooded pullover sweatshirt is a perfect substitute for a blanket. 

12. Compression socks

Comfort compression Socks

Compression socks are well-known for their ability to prevent blood clots, a concern for many who fly regularly. Because of the time spent sitting on planes, leg massagers can help improve circulation in the lower half of the body.

It’s normal for your legs to need some time to adjust to movement after a lengthy flight. Compression socks not only help the blood in your legs circulate better, but they also reduce leg fatigue.

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Safety and Health

Airports are one of the most dangerous places to be in the time of a pandemic. But thankfully, you can always take extra steps to make sure you’re traveling safely.

Let’s look at some of the carry-on essentials you need for your health and safety before, during, and after your every flight.

13. Air Purifier

Filter air personal purifier

The COVID-19 virus is an invisible and potentially deadly foe, so you should always be two steps ahead when out in the open to avoid catching the virus. One of the best ways to lessen the risk of catching the virus is using a portable air purifier.

Wearable air purifiers are perfect for travelers because you can wear them on your neck and forget they were even there. They are lightweight, portable, and add an extra layer of protection.

14. Hand Sanitizer or Rubbing Alcohol

hand sanitizer alcohol spray

No modern health gear is complete without a hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. You will run into thousands of people throughout your entire trip and stay in public spaces. Having a cleaning agent on hand will help you cut the risk of catching diseases.

When traveling, you will want to use a spray hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. This allows you to effortlessly cleanse your hands and any surfaces that you get in contact with. Personally, I like to spray down my tray table, plane seat, overhead compartment, and belongings before touching them.

For easy access, you can get a keychain for your sanitizer or rubbing alcohol and attach it to your carry-on.

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15. Face Mask

Sterilized face mask

Whether or not a face mask is required on flights, we recommend that you wear and bring some for your safety and the safety of those around you. Face masks add a layer of protection against unwanted diseases and avoid harming others as well. 

Disposable masks are great for short flights or long-haul flights because you can easily toss them out after a few hours. If you’re traveling with a child, you might want to get separate face masks for kids for their comfort.

16. Medications

pill case organizer

A long flight doesn’t have to be dangerous for people who need regular medication. If you take medication on a strict routine, you should never skip them while traveling. It is especially hard to fall ill in a faraway town, or foreign country. You must be responsible for your own medications to avoid issues.

You might want to get a pill organizer so you can have all your medicine pills and tablets in one place. Pill organizers are compact and lightweight, so you can easily shove them into your bag along with your other carry-on essentials. 

On trips, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, I also like to secure my medical needs through travel insurance. Aside from the normal delays in flights, travel insurances ensure that your health and safety are assured to be compensated wherever you are. For this, you might want to inquire about World Nomads, as they offer great deals and insurance packages.

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17. First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Travelers normally forget first aid kits in their carry-on bags, but I want to ensure you won’t. When traveling far, you never know what will come your way, so it’s best to come prepared. A first aid kit can save your life and avoid worsening medical situations.

Don’t worry; you don’t need a big box of first aid supplies when traveling. A small multi-pocket first aid kit will do. Tailor the content of your first aid kit to your needs. For instance, if you have allergies, make sure your first aid kit has an epinephrine injection.


Gadgets have become everyone’s carry-on essentials. After all, these items provide great company and entertainment during a long flight. But don’t make the mistake of shoving your gadgets in your luggage carelessly. In this section, I’ll share some tips on storing your gadgets in your checked luggage, as well as what to bring.

18. Cellphone Bag

cellphone purple bag

Surely, your cellphone will be near you throughout your flight, like mine is. However, I do find it a bit inconvenient to have it in hand at all times, stuffed into a pocket that requires inconvenient rummaging, or place it somewhere I can easily misplace it. To help with my dilemma, I got myself a crossbody phone bag

It’s a small bag that you can use to hold your phone when not in use. I like it for its lightness and simplicity. Plus, it’s very versatile. I can use it while traveling or running errands. It’s also not limited to your phones as it can fit cash, bank cards, keys, and other small items.

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19. Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

Stylish headphones

The airplane buzz is one of the things I dislike the most when it comes to traveling. Thus, noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are one of my carry-on essentials. It allows me to enjoy my own little world in a plane full of people and helps me have a peaceful nap. Invest in wireless headphones, so you don’t have to worry about a tangled headphone jack.

Along with noise-canceling headphones, get yourself a sturdy headphone case. As good as they may be, good noise-canceling headphones can be a pain to pack because of their shape. With a headphone case, you can keep your Bluetooth headphones safe and sound in your checked luggage.

20. Power Bank

power bank red

Your ultimate carry-on essentials are not complete without a portable battery or power bank!

This thing is especially important for traveling to make sure you don’t end up with an unusable phone or tablet. You might want to get a power bank that offers more than one cable slot so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Make sure to have it recharged before jumping on your next flight.

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21. Laptops

laptop in a table with view to the city

Laptops are a staple in almost everyone’s carry-on essentials, especially people going on business trips, digital nomads, and students. 

Whenever I have to bring my laptop on a long-haul trip, I make sure to use my KALIDI leather laptop sleeve. A great feature of this laptop sleeve is that you can also use it as a laptop stand, which is highly convenient when you have to get things done on the plane or at the airport. 

Additionally, choose a laptop sleeve with a soft and dust-proof interior fabric, like this one from KALIDI. This will prevent scratches and dirt on your laptop.

22. Camera

Camera pouch

Digital cameras are allowed as part of carry-on luggage and checked baggage based on the policies for traveling. However, because cameras are delicate gadgets, I strongly advise that you stow them in your carry-on baggage at all times. This way they avoid the attention of the less courteous baggage handlers out there!

For this, you have to look for a camera pouch that is both compact and functional. Make sure that the pouch can fit both the camera, its portable charger, and all the accessories it comes with. This way, you can save space in your carry-on bag and also have your camera gear in one place.

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Other Essentials

Though they don’t fit in a particular category in your carry-on luggage, don’t ever forget to add miscellaneous things to your list of ultimate carry-on essentials as these are a must-have. These things have special purposes that will make your long flights much more comfortable.

23. Collapsible Water Bottle

collapsible water bottle

Forget the usual big, bulky tumblers that take up lots of space in the luggage! It’s time for you to upgrade to a collapsible water bottle

As the name suggests, you can compress this tumbler once you’re done using it. That way, you can easily shove your collapsed water bottle into your carry-on bag or even in your pocket. Don’t worry about any leaks because most collapsible water bottles are leak-proof, so your baggage is safe from any watery accidents. 

24. Snacks

snack box

Unless you’re planning on sleeping during your entire flight, you can’t forget your snacks when traveling. Eating chips or dried fruit while watching a movie onboard is one of the best pleasures in life for an airline nomad! However, the dilemma starts when you don’t end up finishing your food.

To avoid wasting a perfectly fine bag of chips, you can use bag sealers to help keep your chips from sogging up or falling out in your carry-on bag. These bag sealers come in different sizes, so you can definitely use them even for small granola bars bags.

A bonus tip would be to bring a pack of mints with you to keep your mouth fresh at all times. You never know who you might run to!

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25. Lip Balm

natural lip balm

Many travelers often overlook the importance of bringing a lip balm for long travels. Do you ever notice how dry your lips become when you’re on a plane? The low levels of humidity in airplanes are to blame for that.

To combat this, you might want to bring a lip balm. A tinted lip balm is great to have in your pocket, so you can easily swipe it on your lips for some color and moisture. The good news is that lip balms are not considered liquid and, thus, allowed inside planes!

holding credit and debit card

Uncertainties are common when traveling anywhere, so make sure you add a layer of defense against them by bringing extra cash with you at all times. A spare change is also a must-have.

I don’t advise that you put your extra cash in your travel wallet. Instead, I encourage you to keep them in a separate wallet or a cash envelope

However, if you’re not a fan of bringing cold hard cash while traveling, consider getting a credit card for your purchases. Personally, I use the American Express credit card when traveling as you can use their credit cards almost anywhere around the globe–whether it’s the Bahamas or Japan!

Just keep in mind to keep it safe – whether in your pockets or your checked luggage.

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