July 13, 2024


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Aesthetician-To-The-Stars Tammy Fender On Her Travel Tips And Trips

If you haven’t heard of Tammy Fender – well, you’re probably not a celebrity. The skincare guru lists a wealth of Hollywood A-listers as her clients, who flock to her skincare salon so that their famous faces can be pampered. She is a holistic pioneer and renowned aesthetician, is the founder of her own renowned skincare brand, as well as a spa owner with two locations in Florida: In Palm Beach, and she just opened her second location in the luxurious, oceanfront Opal Grand Hotel in Delray Beach.

More than 25 years ago, Tammy Fender pioneered a movement towards natural, plant-based luxury skincare and holistic living, recognizing the interconnected nature of wellness, and guiding clients towards lifestyle choices that enhance vitality on every level—body, mind and spirit. While working at a cosmetics counter when she was in college, Tammy started to wonder whether the products she sold were truly effective and safe. Guided by a love for the plant kingdom, which had filled her heart since she was a child, and an abiding concern for other people’s happiness, Tammy dove headlong into the world of plants and holistic arts, and, eventually, while working as an aesthetician, she began blending her own custom-made botanical formulas to treat clients. Using the most exquisite and pure ancient plant remedies, her uniquely active, proprietary blends had a remarkable effect. And thanks to the overwhelming success of Tammy’s formulations, and her hands-on holistic treatments, word spread – and spread some more. She quickly gained a reputation among magazine beauty editors and celebrities—from Gwyneth Paltrow to Julianne Moore—as the holistic skin guru. She is sought-after by some of the world’s most discerning skincare aficionados.

We caught up with her between trips.

Favorite hotel?

Dromoland Castle in Ireland (County Clare) is special and meaningful as I spent my 25th wedding anniversary there.

Favorite destinations?

Alps, Bahamas.

Bucket list?

I look forward to visiting Thailand in the next year to both explore this beautiful country as well as spend time with the incredible teachers to learn more about the holistic practices that the country offers. Something special about our spas is that through my travels around the world, I am able to bring back and offer the absolute best services and knowledge to all of my clients.

How much time do you spend traveling?


Favorite travel beauty essentials?

I always travel with a few favorite essential oils—Frankincense, which is so grounding. Rose, which I apply to pulse points. Lemon, to add a drop to a warmed facial cloth. Eucalyptus, sprinkling just a few drops on the shower floor. I also take along Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil to use at night, massaging this super-soothing blend down my neck and across my décolleté before bed. It always helps me get a great night’s sleep.

Favorite beauty travel tips for the plane?

I’ve heard that the air inside an airplane is more dry than the Sahara Desert—and it certainly has that effect on skin. The night before a flight, I recommend treating skin to a thick layer of a nutrient-rich mask like Restorative Radiance Masque, followed by an application of a concentrated nourishing serum such as Quintessential Serum, ensuring that skin is fully replenished even before you set out.

Anything else you’d like to add about your travels?

I take a cashmere wrap and a guided meditation for relaxing in-flight. I know for so many of us this is one of the only times when we have nothing on the agenda so just put on an eye mask, let your thoughts drift, relax as deeply as you can, and enjoy it.

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