July 16, 2024


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Best Ways To Play In Reno Tahoe

The Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer - Reno Tahoe

Apart from enjoyinga cozy stay in a luxury hotel in Reno, there are other endless ways to have fun in and around the city, and at times, it is turns out to be pretty hard to choose just one of them. No matter you are a bocce ball ace, corn hole connoisseur or arcade aficionado, there is a wide variety of pastimesfor every person in Reno. Let us check out some of the ways to play in Reno.

Bocce ball is an old game like bowling that a lot of people grew up playing as a kid with their families and they are so glad the city now has a dedicated place to enjoy it’s fun. At Bundox Bocce at the Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel, you can play a game of bocce ball, throw a few darts, play skee ball or corn hole, watch whatsoever big sports game is playing on their massive TV, all whiletaking pleasure in a cocktail or beer at one of the coolest places to play in the city.

Their outdoor patio is absolutely beautiful and decorated with teal patio furniture and hanging lights. Your entire family can have the benefit of Bundox year-round – staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter – all at the same time asbecoming skilled at a new game and playing a few of the old classics.

Mario Kart. X-Men. Star Wars. Ghostbusters. The gang is all here, very near to your Downtown Reno motel. Press Start is an arcade and bar on Virginia Street, and it is everything you dreamed of as a kid. Filled with racing games, themed pinball and so much more it is a wonderful place to head for a little friendly competition. You may have played and actually beat the X-Men game while you were there. Magento was no match for you.

So, grab a drink and a few quarters and try not to forget what time of day it is at the time of playing in this grown-up arcade.

Outdoor games? Yes, please!

The Eddy is the same as a giant backyard filled with everything you could want to have a wonderful time. Drinks, food, sunshine, your friends, and yes, large life-size games all are found here at The Eddy. An enclosed oasis made totally of recycled container pods, The Eddy lives right next to the Truckee River amongst lovely buildings of Downtown Reno.If you are into playing corn hole, oversize Connect Four or Jumbo Jenga, and then your afternoon will be full of fun and competition.

Did I mention they have pizza? They have pizza!

What way will you play in Reno when you will be there?

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