June 9, 2023


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Bhutan Packages for the Wild Life Adventurer

When you begin planning your leisure travel to destinations far and beyond your borders, you are often faced with a bewildering array of choices not simply about the country or region you can visit but also the type of tour package you can consider. Traveling to Bhutan doesn’t make it on everyone’s travel wish list under normal circumstances. However, if we tell you about a few types of Bhutan packages and focus on one of them, may be we will change your mind.

Bhutan Packages for just about everyone

First a gentle introduction. Bhutan is a small kingdom in Asia just north of India nestled quietly in the foothills of the Himalayan range of mountains seriously far away from the madding crowd as Thomas Hardy would have put it. The mountain kingdom, as it is often referred to, didn’t let too many visitors into the country until recently. Why you ask? The royal family wanted to keep the country “as it is” without compromising the incredible beauty and magnificence of the nation’s topography and landscape that is so often corroded by millions of tourists. Even today, every Bhutan travel agency offering a Bhutan package is required to register and seek permission from the government through a tightly monitored visa process before a tour group or individual tourist is permitted to enter the country. Except for a beach vacation experience, the country offers literally every type of organized travel including:

• Hiking and trekking packages
• Relaxing and slow-paced sightseeing packages
• Honeymoon packages
• Photography packages
• Spiritual and religious packages
• Outdoor adventure packages such as packages which include river rafting and kayaking

And the most popular which we have kept for the last, wildlife adventure packages.

Bhutan packages Featuring Himalayan Wildlife

Some years ago, an internationally acclaimed wildlife expert named Dr. Alan Rabinowitz decided to visit Bhutan to find out if the high altitudes for which the country is so popular could actually support wildlife in the real sense of the term. He turned to technology combined with his keen instinct for an answer. With assistance from an experienced photography veteran named Gordon Buchanan who was employed with BBC at that time, he set up several cameras with built-in infra red motion sensors covering a wide expanse of the Himalayan range. The cameras were monitored remotely for performance and when the team returned three months later, they were amazed by the results. They found that wildlife in Bhutan was alive and kicking for sure. Leopards, red foxes, Jungle cats, Himalayan black bears, monkeys and even tigers were all co-existing in pure and pristine harmony in the lap of nature. What is more, wildlife enthusiasts and researchers were amazed to learn that the cameras had captured the images of two wild tigers, a male and a female. The footage clearly revealed that the male tiger was busy scent-marking which indicated that he was well ensconced in the habitat of his choice. The female tiger was seen lactating which was grounds to conclude that there were many more tigers in the area than was evident in the footage. Like everyone else, tigers didn’t seem to have a problem with the altitude.

It goes without saying that for an avid wildlife adventurer, Bhutan packages that showcase the country’s magnificent fauna would be a dream come true. Many Bhutan travel agencies offer opportunities for organized Bhutan travel which include five star hotel accommodation, four meals, hotel and airport transfers, English-speaking tour guides and transportation for less than $300 a day all inclusive. So the next time you are all set to plan a vacation, why not come to the fairy kingdom of Bhutan and check out what you have been missing.