July 18, 2024


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Do Bartenders Really Have Groupies? Sure They Do

Do Bartenders Really Have Groupies? Sure They Do

Countless people desire to work in the fun and profitable occupation of tending bar. As a bartender, I frequently had people coming to me to find out how they could get a job. They always think it will be fun. While having fun and making a lot of money is a definite possibility, there’s much more to the job than that. It would be in anyone’s best interest to learn the whole story and find out all the true nitty-gritty of the job of tending bar. After spending 15 years as a bartender, I had tons of experiences, some of them were fun and some weren’t fun at all. I could tell stories that would make your hair curl. With that being said, there are many tips and tricks to making it a profitable and fun career. Anyone contemplating becoming a bartender should learn what the job is truly about.

The not so glamorous side of the business is doing such things as prepping, cleaning, washing, serving, dealing with servers, dealing with mean customers, dealing with drunk customers, and much more. There are ways to make the night go smoother, things to make the job easier, how to get out of the woods, and many more things you need to know to enjoy your job. Without those tips, you might wind-up thinking it is the worst job in the world. In addition, you will need to know about different kinds of liquor, liqueurs, and mixers, and how to up-sale to get the check bigger so your tip will be bigger. You should learn special little things to do that make your customers happy, which makes them tip more. It will be mind boggling at first, but it really is possible to learn everything if you just pay attention and if you want to be a good bartender.

Anyone can mix drinks, but to be a great bartender, you will need to learn to be an actor, psychologist, do manual labor, be a comedian, and above all, be a people pleaser. You should also learn how to entertain during slow times and little tricks that impress your customers.

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but I think you deserve to know the whole truth before jumping into the job. As you can see here, there is much more to it than mixing drinks and flirting with your groupies. There is a lot of good stuff as well, such as sometimes bartenders really do have groupies and sometimes you really can make tons of money. It takes a unique kind of person to be a great bartender.