May 26, 2024


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Have An Idyllic Caribbean Holiday In Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful island nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The island is truly magnificent, with ridges and cliffs on the Atlantic side and marvelous beaches on the Caribbean side. In between there are tropical forests and desert areas that will captivate you. The desert is home to tall cacti and gnarled divi-divi trees.

Major airlines such as British Airways, Air Canada and US Airways, are now offering inexpensive flight tickets. Hence, it is pretty easy to get reasonably priced flight tickets to visit this island. Once you arrive, there will be many things for you to do and see.

Most flights to Aruba land in the capital, Oranjestad. This is a cosmopolitan city that boasts of casinos, theaters, hundreds of restaurants and clubs. It offers an exciting and vibrant nightlife. You can also see beautiful Dutch architecture, a national park filled with animals, and fantastic array of shopping malls and designer boutiques to satiate shopaholics. However, the major attraction of the island is its beaches. There are many secluded beaches on the island where you can get away from the crowds and enjoy some fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Some of the best beaches for sun tanning and skinny dipping are located in the south western part of the island. This is also the part that is replete with casinos, nightclubs and high-end hotels. Cheap flights to Aruba are available, considering that the island has become an extremely popular tourist destination.

Another place of interest on the island is the Fort Zoutmanis. The fort was constructed in the 18th century and is a testimony to Dutch architecture. It was used as a prison, police station and also housed some government offices. Later on the Willem III tower was added to it. The tower was a lighthouse and a lookout for spotting pirates. It also had the first public clock on the island. Another lighthouse that can be admired from the outside is the California Lighthouse. It is located on the northern shore of the island and is named after a shipwreck.

There is even a donkey sanctuary on the island for all the mistreated and starving donkeys of the island. Although small, the sanctuary offers a loving and caring home for donkeys. You can visit the sanctuary to feed these docile creatures and after you finish, you can donate some money to help this voluntary organization run.

Cheap tickets to Aruba also allow people to admire the once Natural Bridge. This bridge was formed naturally from coral limestone. However, a few years ago the bridge collapsed, but while it was standing, it was a massive seven-meter high and 30 meters long. Close to the natural bridge is an ostrich farm that you will find interesting. Here you will be able to see these huge birds, check out their massive eggs and also pick up a few souvenirs from the farm’s shop. The farm also has an open gazebo where visitors can have a peaceful meal.

Make sure that when you visit the island, you buy some Aloe Vera products. These products are famous world over and on the island you can get them at a reasonable price. You can also visit the Aruba Aloe manufacturer and take a tour of the aloe fields and see how the workers extract the gel from the plant. You can pick up some fantastic lip balm, hand soap, tanning lotions, sunscreen and shampoo here.

The island also has caves that were dwellings of Arawak Indians. The most popular caves are Fontein and Guadirikiri. In the former, you can see the cave paintings that the original inhabitants drew, while the latter is more of a tunnel and houses thousands of bats.