June 15, 2024


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How to Ship Glass Soda Bottles

Shipping glass soda bottles may seem like a risk, especially considering the possibility that the bottles could break during transit, or even explode when opened by their recipient. However, it is not impossible to send glass soda bottles via parcel delivery. It’s actually quite simple. Here’s how:

First, arrange the bottles in a square rectangle on top of the table to get an idea of what size box you will need. Then, wrap each one of the bottles individually with bubble wrap, preferable 3-4 layers, and tape the ends shut securely. Be sure not to cover the bottom of the bottle, as it needs to be able to sit flat in the box.
Then, place the bottles inside of the box, trying to arrange them as close together as possible. This helps to minimize the movement of the bottles, so that they do not bang into each other and create further risk for breakage. Fill in any gaps with packing peanuts, making sure that each bottle is cushioned well. Fill the box all the way up until the tops of the bottles are covered.

At this point, go ahead and tape the box shut with strong mailing tape, and write the words “fragile” in large letters on the outside of the box. Since the postal service will not allow you to ship glass soda bottles via the mail, you will need to utilize a courier. Before you call your local courier, you should weigh your package on a bathroom scale to determine its weight, and use measuring tape to determine the length, width and height of the box. This information will be needed in order to determine the cost of sending your parcel.

Then, contact your courier to arrange a pickup. You can also use the comparison and booking website to find the lowest rates available to ship your package. The site offers free instant quotes to its users, comparing the rates of several top-notch courier services, such as Parcel Force and UPS, and you can even schedule a pickup while you are online.

So, for whatever reason you may have to ship glass soda bottles across the state or across the country, know that you can do so easily while reducing the risk of breakage or explosion, which could turn into a real mess for your recipient! Just follow these simple steps and everything should turn out just fine in transit. And, your recipient can enjoy their special parcel, which they might even be able to keep as a collector’s item after drinking the soda.

Most parcel delivery service companies maintain their own website where customers can check out how long it will take their package to get to its destination and after entering information such as the size and weight of the parcel, will know how much it will cost. After that, customers can print their own shipping labels right at the home or office and then arrange to have the parcel collected and shipped. The parcel can also be tracked every step of the way so the sender can see its progress until it arrives at its destination.