July 25, 2024


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It Was Not Your Fault – Stop Your Guilt Trip at Ease

It Was Not Your Fault – Stop Your Guilt Trip at Ease

If something bad happened to you in your past, it might stay in your mind forever.

That is a quite discouraging introduction but the truth is harsh, and it is so important as well.

You may experience series of sexual violation, emotional torment or even physical abuse. It destroys your adult life.

Let’s start it from the beginning. Childhood plays a critical role in human life. It helps to build self-esteem, self-confidence and essential life-skills. Then entering adolescence is a joy and pleasure.

Many people experienced something opposite. Their start was confusing and hurtful. They got nothing than suppressed talents, pain, and depression.

This painful subject of emotional trauma is still present these days. Your mind can block all traumatic memories and feelings to protect you. You may even still believe that your childhood was fantastic and carefree.

Presumably, your parents or close relatives molested you. Since you were a kid, you interacted with those people on a daily basis.

Children can create a strong bond, especially with parents. In other words, they crave for love and attention. It makes them loyal and vulnerable for hurt as well. They are trustworthy so they can not notice any danger to their person.

If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, you got used to pain and suffering. You did not notice and understand what it is going on. How does a small kid can even name a situation as a toxic and abusing?

If they hurt you, your weak mind accepted this as a truth to your person. If this is true, it means you are a sick kid; you do not deserve for love, you are not good enough, etc.

When children start feeling like that, they punish themselves to correct their behavior. So the only way is to take on guilt and responsibility for the abuse. They do everything to protect the family. Maybe one day they will get some love in return.

Then they still can have ‘their beloved, perfect family’ in their young la-la world mind.

Yes, you got hypnotized into false agenda. It made your mind foggy, unclear and confused to see the truth. You believed and accepted those lies as a fact. It is a pretty bad start to create a happy life as well.

It is like a shot in a foot when you blame yourself and take all guilt for violence by your abuser. It is like computer virus infected your mind.

It drains your essential life force energy, and it makes you unhappy and depressed. You cannot be happy and carefree.

Humans avoid pain at all cost. If they do not know how to get rid of it, they hide and pretend that it does not exist. Hiding and faking up your life will never solve anything.

There is a solution to this drama. You must face the abuse and take a challenge to purge it from your heart if you are ready to do this.

Then, freedom, self-empowerment and life energy will come back at ease.