May 26, 2024


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Make Yourself a Checklist to Ensure You Get the Best From Your Ice Box

If you know in advance that you are going to be taking a specific trip that would be more comfortable with an accompanying ice box of an appropriate size and shape then you can go shopping with this particular excursion in mind. Although you are likely to end up with a shed full of boxes in a range of sizes and shapes, these cooler boxes are such a great convenience that it is almost impossible to have too many of them in your possession. When you are shopping for a new cooler keep a few key points in mind. Overall, when you keep in mind that warm bubbles in carbonated drinks are hardly likely to be as refreshing as an ice cold one, keeping in mind the function of the cool box must always be of prime concern when choosing a new cooler.

Prime points to keep in mind, apart from function, include type of box, the size of the cooler box as well as an appropriate length, the number of people the ice box needs to accommodate the needs of, as well as the ambient temperature in which you will be using the cooler. Next thing is to go online and check out the different manufacturers of cool boxes and find out what each of them has to offer. Make a check list of all the most important features that are essential to you then, when checking through the coolers boxes online you will eventually come up with a manufacturer who offers exactly the kind of ice box that you are looking for. Having a check list will help you considerably because the variety of cool boxes on the market is so confusing that it can be quite intimidating trying to pick out one that would best suit you.

Technology is forever contributing towards better quality and more efficient cool boxes. Ice boxes now are far more effective in keeping food fresh and drinks cold than their earlier counterparts were in the past. One of the modern innovations that has become a popular variation on the basic ice box theme is the thermoelectric cooler. This type of box has been fitted with an integral fan whose function is to draw heat away from the ice box, as well as electrical fittings from which you can plug in your thermoelectric ice box to a 12 volt source of electricity in your car or truck, such as the cigarette lighter. These thermoelectric cool boxes do, however, draw a continuous charge of power from your battery so, if your vehicle is parked while your thermoelectric ice box is plugged in, be sure to check that it is not drawing so much power that your battery goes flat when you turn the ignition on.