May 23, 2024


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Moving to Rwanda for Work and Life

Working abroad can be challenging. This is because you are suddenly moving away from your family that has been a part of your life since your birth. When you have a family of your own, say a wife with kids, this challenge more than doubles because you’ve to think hard whether to move along with them or let them continue with their lives in your country of birth as you go out alone to seek for greener pastures.

I have been in Rwanda for two years now, working as a freelance journalist. My field of work has made me know deeper about this country that goes by the sobriquet a “Land of Thousands Hills.”

I have come to interact so much with the local community of this small country located in central and east Africa. But as an expatriate, what is my assessment of this country, as far as job opportunities and job environment are concerned? Can I advise somebody to move to this country or would I rather pack up my bags and move away from it as fast as possible?

Rwanda is a fast developing country, and therefore, in terms of opportunity they are there. There are several expatriates from all around the world who are to be found in Rwanda now. The fastest rising sector now is the real estate and ICT. Thus when you’re in these fields, Rwanda is among the best places in Africa to place your bet.

The working conditions here are good. Rwanda people are very welcoming. Since I came into this country, I have never experienced any kind of xenophobic intolerance as practiced in other African countries. The government itself is quite committed to ensure that they attract foreign labor because they bring in not only professionalism that the country direly needs but also teach the Rwandans skills that will make them build their own country in the future.

This was a country that was ravaged by the Genocide 21 years ago, and the expatriates have been like the cog in the wheel driving the development of the country forward, especially after its dark epoch.

The security is good in Rwanda, as opposed to a majority of African countries. You can freely walk alone at night, with your treasured valuables, in the middle of the night without any shadowy character attacking you. The soldiers and other security officers are at every nook and cranny of Kigali City and other major towns, ensuring that security is maintained.

Life here is also not difficult. Food prices are relatively cheap, despite the fact that most of its agricultural produce come from neighboring countries. You will also be able to get modest accommodation at competitive prices when you’re an expatriate here. Currently, Rwanda does more foreign remittance to Africa but receives more from the rest of the world.

Apart from that, Rwanda has enough social amenities. You are able to choose what you want to do with your free time, whether it’s going to visit the gym in its burgeoning physical fitness industry or playing golf. Rwanda has all a developing country has to offer. The transport system is also not as chaotic as other countries.

There are much more to be written about this country. However, it’s not going to be a place for you when you involve yourself into the politics of the country, or even its local politics. The authority here abhors dissidence!