May 26, 2024


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Travel Nursing Opportunities in Northern California

Mild weather and a great country life, or city living is all within your reach. Opportunities to work in such an area do not last long, so make sure to lock down your contracts to experience this magnificent part of American living. There are several great institutions to work with in Northern California. Of the top 50 hospitals in the nation, five of the facilities are based in Northern California. Travel nurses could work at any of these places. The experience and prestige of working for these institutions would be immeasurable.

The California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco
An affiliate of Sutter Health, this center is one of the largest not-for-profit medical centers in California. They are combined with a medical education program that helps them provide the best care possible. The Medical Center provides acute, post-acute and outpatient care. Home, hospice, preventive, and health education is also provided. This means that for a traveling nurse, there are plenty of opportunities with this award winning facility.

Sacramento’s Sutter Memorial Hospital
This is a specialty medical center. Its focus is on women and children, providing specialty services. Sutter Memorial hospital is a 346-bed facility that is part of a larger network of hospitals. Sutter’s specialty centers on cardiovascular health and organ transplants. Their network provides home health, occupational therapy, psychiatric care and so much more. This is a perfect location for a nurse that wants to work in a well-known hospital with such diverse specializations.

UCSF Medical Center
Known for its innovative use of advanced technology in medicine, UCSF Medical center provides some of the highest quality medical treatment. They have a wide range of specialties including cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, orthopedics, and organ transplant. Traveling nurses have the opportunity to live in San Francisco, in a hospital that is renowned for the quality care and innovative technology.

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford
This non-profit, children’s hospital is devoted entirely to babies, children, teens, and expectant mothers. This academic medical center is recognized for its achievements. They have a family centered approach to care. They take into account the child and families’ needs and sensitivities. Their treatment focuses on the family and the patient, while still taking the unique needs of the individual into account. For the nurse that loves children, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital is the perfect destination for your contract.

These are only a handful of the top hospitals in Northern California. Contact your agency to see about contracts in these areas. Travel nurses stay in some of the best locations, and with these hospitals, work in some of the best institutions. Adult and children’s hospitals, home bound treatments, occupational therapy, cutting edge transplant and cancer treatment are there for the traveling nurse. The experience in these specialized hospitals can help you build a career you can be proud of.