May 23, 2024


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Why this is the best time to view the Milky Way

July is the best time of the yr to see the Milky Way. Why?

It’s simply because through this month, the facet of the Earth which is enduring evening is pointed directly at the heart of the galaxy, Accuweather experiences. That signifies the Milky Way is seen in the course of most of the night, practically each night in July.

On the other hand, there are some caveats. You are going to want very clear skies and minimum light-weight to get the finest watch of the celestial spectacle.

Gentle air pollution has manufactured it not possible for about 80% of People in america to see the Milky Way from their community. That means you will have to have to journey to a darkish area, like a darkish sky protect.

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The moon can also hinder the check out of the galaxy. So, the most effective time to approach a excursion to a dark region to see it is all-around the time of the new moon, which happens the very last week of July.

To sum it up: July is a good time to check out the Milky Way but the greatest views will occur at the end of the month on a clear evening, away from gentle pollution.

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The galaxy is a single of a lot of evening-sky phenomenon that can be viewed this month. A supermoon, two meteor showers and a substantial comet are also anticipated.

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